Chilly Ears?

Introducing Pedalmore’s EarbuddiesTM.


  • Keep your ears cozy during your chilly commute or ride. 
  • Fit over your helmet chin-straps like a funnel and are secured with a velcro strip that loops over your helmet’s frame. 
  • Maintain optimal helmet fit unlike squeezing a headband or hat under your helmet. 
  • Never interferes with hearing.  Whether for safety or to enjoy the sounds of the country-side, fleece is breathable ensuring full audible range.
  • Made from eco-friendly, moisture wicking, fleece in San Francisco, CA.
  • Price per pair:             USD    $34.95
                                        CAD   $36.35

    Pedalmore’s Earbuddies are designed to compliment your helmet, and its design does fit most helmet styles.  Contact us if you have any questions. 

    Shop Online:            Pay direct or with credit card through Pay Pal

    Buy Local:                 Contact your local bike shop and inquire about their stock of Earbuddies.

    All Pedalmore gear is guaranteed to inspire you to pedal more.  Our return policy comes with a 100% risk free satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely happy with your purchase contact us for a full refund. 

    Your feedback, ideas, and support are gratefully appreciated.  Thank you.

    Visit again soon as new products and offerings are in the making.

    Earbuddies in Black

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    Earbuddies in Orange

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    Earbuddies in Grey

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